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Dr. Murray Gingras
IRG (ASIRT) is a multidisciplinary team of graduate and undergraduate students supervised or cosupervised by Dr. Murray Gingras at the University of Alberta. The group works on a range of sedimentological and ichnological projects in modern and ancient sedimentary deposits. Murray works extensively with Professor S. George Pemberton, the founder of the Ichnology Research Group. Other collaborations include Drs Caldwell (Cenomanian paleogeography and paleontolology), Konhauser (Geobiology), Waldron (really old rocks), Mendoza (fluid flow models), Muehlenbachs (stable isotope geochemistry), MacEachern (IRG Pacific), and Zonneveld (Triassic studies among other things). We are located both in the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Building and Tory Building on the North end of the University of Alberta campus.

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
1-26 Earth Sciences Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E3

Phone: (780) 492-1963
FAX: (780) 492-2030