Quadrupole ICPMS

In April 2014 the icpms facility acquired a new Thermo Scientific ICAP-Q quadrupole ICPMS to compliment our much older Elan 6000 instrument. The ICAP is ~10 times more sensitive than the Elan 6000, and thus we reserve its use for laser ablation analysis and “clean” matrixes at high dilution. The ICAP comes with a collision cell that allows bleeding small quantities of a collision gas, which can minimize problematic interferences for some elements, but at a significant cost in sensitivity. The workhorse of the lab is the very robust Elan 6000, which analyzes most of throughput in the lab. Typical matrixes include rocks, waters, mineral and soil, but sometimes more exotic materials like milk, urine, blood, animal organs, suspended nanoparticles, reagents, and oil. Both instrument are equipped with automated liquid sampling systems, freeing up valuable time for sample preparation, maintenance, record keeping etc.