Dr. Clark's Geology Learning Resources

This site provides access to a number of Powerpoint files that allow students to revisit digital images that were shown in class, and are unavailable anywhere else. The images are accompanied by a brief commentary that informs the reader of the point of the image.

It is important to realize that these files are not intended to be stand-alone tutorials, but are to serve as a useful supplement to class attendance, class notes, and reading of the text(s).

Those inclined to be dismayed at the bare-bones appearance of this page should bear in mind that at this point, my time and energy can be better spent getting the images and files into a form suitable for web access. What you can access through the links is more valuable than the page itself. Those headings for which the appropriate Powerpoint file has been posted have a link; the others are a work in progress. When the link appears on this site, the file is available.

Introductory Physical Geology Course Materials

These images are most appropriate for courses such as EAS 101, 201, and 210, and may also be of interest to students in such courses as EAS 205, 209, and 224.


Mineral Properties

Mineral Properties.ppt (3.64MB)

Silicate Minerals

Silicate Minerals.ppt (1.90MB)


Igneous Rock Textures

Igneous Rock Textures.ppt (4.54MB)

Igneous Rocks

Igneous Rock Classification.ppt (2.98MB)


Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks

Introduction to Sedimentary Rocks.ppt (375KB)

Siliciclastic Sedimentary Rocks

Siliciclastic Sedimentary Rocks.ppt (2.94MB)

Sedimentary Structures

Biochemical Sedimentary Rocks

Biochemical Sedimentary Rocks.ppt (2.77MB)

Chemical Sedimentary Rocks

Chemical Sedimentary Rocks.ppt (890KB)


Metamorphic Minerals

Metamorphic Minerals.ppt (1.59MB)

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks.ppt (2.95MB)

Carbonate Sedimentology Course Materials

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