Kimberlite and Exploration Expertise

Tom Chacko

Craton studies

Rob Creaser

Dating of kimberlites (Rb-Sr on micas)

Larry Heaman

Dating of kimberlites (U-Pb on perovskite, mantle zircon, mantle rutile)
Dating of KIMs (U-Pb on ilmenite)
Cratonic mantle lithosphere (peridotite and eclogite xenoliths)

Vadim A. Kravchinsky

Paleomagnetic dating of kimberlites, host rocks and crater sediments
Regional tectonic reconstructions (paleo-position and rotation of tectonic units)
Magnetic ground surveys and modeling


Robert Luth

Petrological studies on kimberlite indicator minerals
Experimental studies on kimberlite petrogenesis
Experimental studies on the formation and destruction of diamonds (oxygen fugacity and mantle fluids)

Karlis Muehlenbachs

Carbon isotopic (δ13C) fingerprinting of diamonds

Graham Pearson

Age dating (diamonds, xenoliths, kimberlites)
Fingerprinting and tracing diamonds using elemental and isotopic methods
Craton/Lithosphere Studies

Thomas Stachel

Micro- and macro-diamond studies
Diamond characterization using FTIR and/or SIMS
Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths and xenocrysts (kimberlite indicator minerals)

Martyn Unsworth

Electromagnetic imaging of subsurface structures