The Diamond Research Group at UofA combines a worldwide unique breadth of expertise. Thomas Stachel's group ("Team Diamond") works on the physical characteristics, stable isotope compositions and nitrogen characteristics of diamonds, the chemistry of inclusions in diamonds, and the petrology of mantle xenoliths. Graham Pearson's group ("Arctic Resources") specializes in isotopic and trace element studies of kimberlites, mantle xenoliths and diamond itself. Bob Luth's group ("Experimental Petrology") focuses on experimental studies relating to diamond and kimberlite genesis and the redox state of fluids in Earth's mantle.

The analytical facilities (the "Mantle Tracer Isotopes and PGEs" and the "Ion MicroProbe" nodes in the Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis, the De Beers Laboratory for Diamond Research) and the experimental petrology laboratory ("C.M. Scarfe Laboratory") directed by us provide an array of tools for diamond-related research that is unsurpassed internationally.