Thomas Stachel

ESB 1-14
University of Alberta
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2E3 Canada
Phone: 780-492-0865
Fax: 780-492-2030


Education and Career

1987: MSc at Department of Earth Sciences, University of Mainz (group of Georg Buechel)
1991: PhD at Department of Geology, University of Wuerzburg (group of Volker Lorenz)
1990-1994: Research fellow at Wuerzburg University (group of Volker Lorenz)
1994-1996: Research fellow (Marie Curie Fellowship of the European Union) at the Department of Geology and Applied Geology (now School of Geographical and Earth Sciences), University of Glasgow (group of Jeff W. Harris)
1996-2001: Lecturer in the Department of Mineralogy, University of Frankfurt (group of Gerhard Brey)
2001-2004: Associate professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta
2004: Promotion to full professor
2008-present: Director of the Canadian Centre for Isotopic Analysis

Awards (post PhD)

1999 Victor Moritz Goldschmidt Award of the German Mineralogical Society (DMG)
2000 Award of the Hermann Willkomm Foundation (a German foundation for the advancement of science)
2001-2011 Canada Research Chair in Diamonds (Tier 2; Government of Canada)
2012-present Canada Research Chair in Diamonds (Tier 1)


Diamond and inclusions in diamond
Mantle petrology and geochemistry
Petrology and volcanology of lamproites and kimberlites


Mineralogy II (EAS 232)
Cratons, Kimberlites and Diamonds (EAS 466)
Mantle Petrology (Grad Course, EAS 536)
Advanced Geology Field School