Dr Tara McGee (Professor)

Research interests: Human dimensions of environmental hazards (mitigation, preparedness and social impacts); Wildfire evacuations involving First Nations communities; Wildfires and Indigenous peoples; Use of scientific knowledge in hazard mitigation; Public and stakeholder hazard decision-making and actions; Qualitative research methods.

Regional specializations: Canada; Australia & New Zealand


Dr Theresa Garvin (Professor)

Research interests: Policy development, implementation and analysis; Community, health and environmental issues; Science, policy and social processes.

Regional specializations: Edmonton; The Prairies

Dr Damian Collins (Associate Professor)

Honors Advisor (Human Geography Honors and Combined Honors)

Research interests: Urban geography; Health geography; Public health; Housing & homelessness; Coastal communities.

Regional specializations: New Zealand and Australia; Canada

Dr Robert Summers (Faculty Services Officer)

Research interests: Collective action; Institutional Economics; Environmental governance and policy; Rural water supply issues.

Regional specializations: Canada; Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Joshua Evans (Professor)

Undergraduate Advisor for Human Geography Majors and Minors

Research interests: Disability and Chronic Illness; Housing and Homelessness; Urban Policymaking; Urban Governance; Philosophy and Human Geography; Qualitative Research Methods; Critical Ethnography.

Regional specializations: Edmonton; Alberta; Canada



Dr Bonnie McFarlane (Adjunct Professor)

Research interests: Forest management; risk; wildfires.

Regional specializations: Canada