Henok Asfaw (PhD Student - Supervisor:  Dr. McGee)

Kurt Borth (PhD Student - Supervisor: Dr Summers)

Maiya Brady (MA Student - Supervisor:  Dr. Agrawal)

Terris Glab (MA student - Supervisor:  Dr. Deacon)

Shela Gul (PhD Student - Supervisor: Dr McGee)

Sirina Hamilton-McGregor (MA Student part-time - Supervisor: Dr Summers)

Nushrat Jahan (MA Student - supervisor:  Dr. Deacon)

Arshad Khan Khalafzai (PhD Student - Supervisor:  Dr. McGee)

Kostas Koukouzikis (MA Student - Supervisor: Dr. Summers)

Kyla Mottershead (MA Student - Supervisor: Dr. McGee)

Ranon Soans (MA Student - Supervisors: Dr Summers & Dr Collins)

Qiqi Wang (PhD Student - Supervisor: Dr Garvin)

Recent Alumni

Trina Lamanes defended her MA Thesis, 'Socially Sustainable Urban Development: The Role of Leisure and Recreation in a Canadian Resource-Based Community,' on July 5, 2016, under the supervision of Dr Deacon.

Jalene Anderson defended her MA Thesis, 'Housing First, Affordable Housing, and Ending Homelessness in Alberta,' on April 15, 2016, under the supervision of Dr Collins.

Leanne Labossiere defended her MA Thesis, 'Taking it into Their Own Hands:  Innovative Wildfire Mitigation Measures at the Municipal Level', on January 19, 2015, under the supervision of Dr McGee.

Jia Li defended her MA Thesis, 'Smoking Environments in Transition: Experiences of Chinese Migrants to Edmonton', on June 27, 2014, under the supervision of Dr Collins.

Dr Brian Joubert defended his PhD Thesis, 'Social Institutions and Collective Action: An Analysis of Successful Village Level Maintenance of Donated Hand Pumps in Malawi.' on Jan 12, 2014, under the supervision of Dr Summers

Fujie Rao defended his MA Thesis, 'Responding to Rapid and Unexpected Retail Innovations: Planning Retail Resilience in Metropolitan Areas' on Dec 17, 2013, under the supervision of Dr Summers

Jennifer Baker defended her MA Thesis, 'Backcountry snowmobilers' risk perceptions, avalanche related information seeking behaviours, preparedness and decision-making processes', on August 27, 2013, under the supervision of Dr McGee.

Morgan Tymko defended her MA Thesis, 'When you smoke, they smoke: Children's rights and opinions about vehicular smoking bans', on June 24, 2013, under the supervision of Dr Collins.

Matthew Dance defended his MA Thesis, 'Crowdsourcing Edmonton's Ribbon of Green: A Case Study of Neogeography in Edmonton's River Valley', on June 18, 2012, under the supervision of Drs Croitoru and Collins.

Andrew McLellan defended his MA Thesis, 'The Role of Place Promotion and Urban Image in the Development and Marketing of Rapid Mass Transit Systems (RMT)', on August 24, 2011, under the supervision of Dr Collins.

Amy Procter defended her MA Thesis, 'De-normalizing Tobacco on Campus: The Spatial Regulation of Smoking in Three Canadian University Environments', on August 15, 2011, under the supervision of Dr Collins.

Dr Amy Christianson defended her PhD Thesis, 'Wildfire Risk Perception and Mitigation at Peavine Métis Settlement', on May 20, 2011, under the supervision of Dr McGee.