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The Whitecourt/Woodlands County Meteorite Impact Crater, located south of Whitecourt, Alberta, is a prime meteorite collecting area. The area immediately surrounding the crater is protected under the Alberta Historical Resources Act. Outside this area is public land, where hunting is permitted and finders may keep their meteorites. Finders are please asked to assist researchers by reporting their finds using the form below. Recording the locations of the meteorites is important for the science of how the impact crater was formed.

Note: The area inside a 200 x 200 meter square centered on the crater (red square on the map below) is protected under the Alberta Historical Resources Act; any collecting or digging within this area may result in fines and/or imprisonment.
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Do you think that you have found a meteorite? See Meteorite Identification Questions (pdf)

Information on the export of Canadian meteorites may be found here (pdf).

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