Selected press and media

Myanmar amber: a small feathered theropod tail of mid-Cretaceous age
Read full report here

The physical technosphere as a central component of the Anthropocene
Read full report here

The Anthropocene is coming of age: paper in Science, coverage by CBC, and interview

Exquisitely preserved feathers adorned a Late Cretaceous Ornithomimus dinosaur recovered from Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. Stories here and full report here.

Detonation of the Trinity A-bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico is proposed as the beginning of the Anthropocene: 05:29:21 Mountain War Time (± 2 seconds), July 16, 1945. This is synthesized here, and the arguments presented here.

Amber isotopes and atmospheric oxygen (News clip here; paper here: PDF)

BBC's coverage of the Holocene-Anthropocene transition:
radio: the Age we Made
online report: Leaving our Mark

Climate warming and the world's nothernmost lake, Kaffeklubben Sø, northern Greenland
Geology, Nov. 2012 issue, here
Quirks and Quarks interview here

Getting wood in strange places
PLoS ONE paper (PDF)

Nitrogen deposition to remote lakes
Science paper by Holtgrieve et al. (PDF)

Cretaceous feathers in Canadian amber
CBC News the National (watch video)
Quirks and Quarks radio (interview)
Canadian Palaeontologists in a Flap over Feathers (dino-blog)
Science paper by McKellar et al. (PDF)
Technical comments in Science (PDF)

Resin from forests under siege by Mountain Pine Beetle provide clues to the role of insects in amber production
Proceedings B paper (PDF)

Uniqueness of the 20th century in the long-term (~200,000 years) Arctic paleoenvironmental record
PNAS paper can be downloaded here

Mercury and the early Cinnabar mines of Huancavelica (original paper here)

Miocene Antarctic Paleoclimate

Full story by Doug Fox can be downloaded here

Andean archaeometallurgy

Climate warming and arctic lakes

Early silver mining in Bolivia

click here for an MP3 of the accompanying Quirks & Quarks CBC interview

The Kyoto Protocol, Alberta governance, etc.

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