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Myanmar amber: feathers down to the bone (maniraptoran artwork by Cheung Chung-tat and Liu Li; Gertrude McFuzz by Dr. Seuss)

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Freshwater sponges: another instance of protracted evolutionary stasis

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Discussions surrounding the character of the Anthropocene are heating up

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The feathered Late Cretaceous theropod Ornithomimus edmontonicus

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The thalassiosiroid diatom Stephanodiscus hantzschii inside and out

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Putative theropod protofeathers (left) and avian plumage (right) from Campanian amber in Alberta

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Biogeography of the scaled chrysophyte Synura petersenii: genes and fossils tell the full story

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The study of diatoms: Staurosirella

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Rhineland coal measures neal Köln, Miocene forest

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a typical Baffin Island lake, Meta Incognita Peninsula

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Merchants Bay from Padloping Island, eastern Baffin Island

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