C. M. Scarfe Laboratory of Experimental Petrology

The C.M. Scarfe Lab of Experimental Petrology is located in B-02 and B-06 in the Earth Sciences Building.  The equipment allows simulation of conditions inside the earth to depths of approximately 800 km. The laboratory houses a USSA-2000 uniaxial split-sphere multianvil press with a P-T-range up to 25 GPa (800 km depth) and >2500ºC; two piston cylinder apparatus with PT-range up to 3.5 GPa and 1600°C;  1 atm furnaces for experiments up to 1600ºC; and a workshop with lathes, a surface grinder, a diamond saw, as well as grinding and polishing equipment. Research activities are extremely varied and include determination of conditions at which melting occurs within the earth, determination of the stability of different minerals and mineral assemblages, and conditions of growth of natural diamond.

Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Robert Luth


Diane Caird