Crustal Re-Os Geochronology

This 800 ft2 laboratory is a recently constructed M3.5 / ISO Class 5 cleanroom with M2.5 / ISO Class 4 laminar flow workstations used for the chemical separation of various elements prior to mass spectrometric analysis (TIMS or MC-ICP-MS). Its construction was funded by CFI, AET and the University of Alberta, and was completed in 2011. The main focus of the laboratory is the development and application of Re-Os geochronology of crustal matrices, such as sulfide minerals, organic-rich shales and natural hydrocarbons. The laboratory has dedicated rooms for the processing of high-abundance Re-Os samples such as molybdenite, and for the processing of low-abundance samples such as pyrite. It also offers Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and Pb-Pb isotopic analysis for a variety of sample types such as rock, mineral, and ore samples, as well as natural waters, brines, vegetation and archeological material. The laboratory is supervised by Dr R.A.Creaser.