SELFRAG Laboratory

The SELFRAG Laboratory uses a high voltage pulse power fragmentation system to disaggregate samples along individual grain boundaries to produce high quality mineral separates maximizing the yield of intact grains. The SELFRAG Laboratory was established with support from ISOMASS Scientific Inc. and is ISOMASS’s demonstration SELFRAG laboratory in Western Canada.

Whereas traditional crushing methods are time consuming and destructive to the individual minerals the SELFRAG fragmentation process is non-abrasive and quick. SELFRAG fragmentation occurs under water in a closed cell reducing the amount of fines produced and allowing for faster and easier separation of the mineral(s) of interest. The fragmentation preserves the natural size of the mineral separates resulting in a coarser/cleaner end product than recovered by conventional mechanical crushing. The recovered mineral separates are ideal for subsequent geochronology, isotopic and crystallographic analysis, see examples listed below. The large cell of the SELFRAG system can accommodate up to approximately fist- sized samples (0.63 cm by 4 cm). A micro cell is also available for the processing small sample sizes.

Examples of uses for SELFRAG fragmentation include:

The facility is operated as open-access and welcomes researchers, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from both Canadian and international universities. Visiting personnel will receive hands-on training and projects are completed in a timely manner. The facility is also available for commercial contracts from external organizations (e.g., geological surveys, industry). For current rates please see CCIM Pricing  or contact us.

The laboratory is supervised by Dr. D.G. Pearson.

The SELFRAG Laboratory is supported by Isomass Scientific Inc.