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Mineral Names - International Mineralogical Association
Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA-CNMNC)
IMA reports on mineralogical nomenclature:

Mineral families, supergroups, and groups - Excel file

Amorphous mineral species 



Dictionary of Crystallography - Commission for Crystallographic Nomenclature of the
International Union of Crystallography (IUCr)

Glossary of Clay Science - Clay Minerals Society 

Mining terms from: Anglo-American, Cape Breton Miners Museum, Government of Canada,
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


Software (mineral composition/classification; CIPW normative calculation)
- amphibole: How to name amphiboles after the IMA2012 report: rules of thumb
and a new PC program for monoclinic amphiboles
Periodico di Mineralogia 81, 257-267  (2012)
An Excel spreadsheet to classify chemical analyses of amphiboles following the IMA 2012 recommendations
Computers & Geosciences 62, 1–11 (2014)
WinAmptb: A Windows program for calcic amphibole thermobarometry
Periodico di Mineralogia 86, 135-167 (2017)
chlorite: A Windows program for chlorite calculation and classification
Computers & Geosciences 81, 101-113 (2015)
WinCcac.exe zipped form; see also below unpublished Chlorite spreadsheet
Low-temperature chlorite geothermometry: a graphical representation based on a T–R2+–Si diagram
European Journal of Mineralogy 27, 617-626 (2015) 
- columbiteNBTA: a program for columbite-group minerals in rare-element granites
and granitic pegmatites
Computers & Geosciences 27, 241–248 (2001)
- epidoteA Windows program for calculation and classification of epidote–supergroup minerals 
Periodico di Mineralogia 87, 269-285 (2018)
- feldsparA Windows Program for Feldspar Group Thermometers and Hygrometers
Periodico di Mineralogia 91, 63-87 (2022)
- garnetAn Excel spreadsheet to recast analyses of garnet into end-member components,
and a synopsis of the crystal chemistry of natural silicate garnets
Computers & Geosciences 34, 1769-1780 (2008)
2021 revision including "Hydroandradite"
A function for the R programming language to recast garnet analyses into end-members:
Revision and porting of Muhling and Griffin’s method
Computers & Geosciences 36, 406-409 (2010)
Nomenclature of the garnet supergroup
American Mineralogist 98, 785-811(2013)
- micaEvaluating micas in petrologic and metallogenic aspect: I–definitions and structure of
the computer program MICA
Computers & Geosciences 29, 1203–1213 (2003)
for Windows 7-10 use DOSBox emulator to run   Use Alt-Enter to toggle full-screen mode
- perovskite: Perovskite classification: An Excel spreadsheet to determine and depict end-member
proportions for the perovskite- and vapnikite-subgroups of the perovskite supergroup
Computers & Geosciences 113, 106-114 (2018)
- pyroxeneWinPyrox: A Windows program for pyroxene calculation classification and thermobarometry
American Mineralogist 98, 1338-1359 (2013), corrections
                    zipped version of WinPyrox executable file, 64-bit installation instructions for Windows7
WinPyroxV.1.07byFuatYAVUZ }
See also below unpublished Pyroxene component spreadsheet
A Windows program for pyroxene-liquid thermobarometry
Periodico di Mineralogia 87, 149-172 (2018)
- spinelNomenclature and classification of the spinel supergroup
European Journal of Mineralogy 31, 183-192 (2019) 
         Three–dimensional visualization of ternary prisms (T–prism): Development of a
spreadsheet–based tool for Earth and material sciences
Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 114, 142-148 (2019)
zipped spreadsheets
Determination of the spinel group end-members based on electron microprobe analyses
Mineralogy and Petrology 109, 153-160 (2015)
SpinelViz: An interactive 3D application for visualizing spinel group minerals
Computers & Geosciences 48, 50-56 (2012)                                                          
SpinelViz program requires Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 and WindowsXP (equivalent)
- tourmalineNomenclature of the tourmaline-supergroup minerals
American Mineralogist 96, 895–913 (2011)
associated tourmaline species spreadsheet
A Windows program for calculation and classification of tourmaline-supergroup (IMA-2011)
Computers & Geosciences 63, 70-87 (2014) { WinTcacV.1.04byFuatYAVUZetal. }
A spreadsheet for calculating normative mole fractions of end-member species for
Na-Ca-Li-Fe2+-Mg-Al tourmalines from electron microprobe data
American Mineralogist 101, 111–119 (2016)
associated mole-fraction tourmaline spreadsheet
- Unpublished mineral calculation spreadsheets:
Chlorite - see also Computers & Geosciences 81, 101-113 (2015), above
Monticellite-Olivine end-members
Pyroxene components in system Na-Mg-Al-Si-K-Ca-Ti-Cr-Mn-Fe(II)-Fe(III)-Zr-O6
Charge-balance (20-oxides) calculation spreadsheet
General formula calculation spreadsheet

Petrology Tools

- CIPW normative calculation for classification of igneous rocks:
Computers & Geosciences 35, 1785–1788 (2009)
Journal of Earth System Science 118, 101-113 (2009)
Geochemical Sampling Error calculation modified after C.R. Stanley (2003):
  Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis, 3, 169-178
- Geothermobarometry: for mantle phases PTEXL
for crustal (granulite) phases - RCLC
Journal of Petrology 44, 897-900 (2003)
- TAS (total alkali - silica diagram) in Excel, after IUGS (Le Maitre, 2002)

- Ternary, Tetrahedral, Triangular-prism plotting in Excel:

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 25, 1473-1477 (2000): Tri-plot

American Mineralogist 100, 2545-2547 (2015): Tetrahedral plot diagram
associated deposited item for Tetrahedral plotting
Periodico di Mineralogia 85, 115-119 (2016): Tetra-Plot
Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 114, 142-148 (2019)                                                       triangular-prism spreadsheet-based tool: zipped spreadsheets
-  XRD method for determination of aragonite-calcite-dolomite mixtures (July, 2018)
-  Fe-Ti two-oxide geothermometer and oxygen-barometer of Ghiorso & Evans (2008)
Instructions for App located at ENKI-portal 
- Olivine-orthopyroxene-spinel oxybarometer (references); 2023 implementation by S. Benaroya 
Instructions for GitLab page 
Molecular Weight Calculator of Matthew Monroe at PNNL (Windows version)
- Shannon (1976) ionic radii, and Shannon (1981) bond distances in sulfides


Mineralogy Databases

American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database - cell dimensions and atomic coordinates

for refined crystal structures of minerals

Athena Mineralogy - rapid search by elements in the mineral formula (or by name or by group)

Database of Educational Crystallographic Online Resources (DECOR)

Handbook of Mineralogy - comprehensive mineral descriptions - mineral information, localities and photographs:

RRUFF  Raman spectra, X-ray diffraction and chemistry data for minerals - species descriptions with links and an image library


Other Links

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Educational information from briteco: Rocks, Minerals and Precious Stones


Global Map of Electron Microprobe Laboratories

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